Komorebi Inc.

Komorebi Inc. is trying to make services that can be used by as many people as possible with easy-to-understand design.
We made over 100 apps from the early days of smartphone and more than 40 million downloads.
We continue to provide services that will be useful for the lives of many people.



QR code reader app/ease to use simplfied QR code reader app

This free application reads out QR code , automatically determines contents and execute what's in QR code. Intuitive and ease to use,recommended for iPhone beginners!

Productivity BGM - enhance your concentration.

This app suits at your work and studies. We carefully list only “Work BGM” on YouTube. And you can listen weekly ,monthly ,and all time popular BGM ,enhances your concentration!

Memo - Simplified Memo Application

Intuitive,ease to use and having all required functions. Even if you receive a call or switching to another application while taking a memo, memo will be automatically saved. Fast booting and it's free!

Simple Calendar

If asking about calendar apps, simple calendar is a best choice! We pursued simple and easy to use thoroughly. Ease of viewing, You can change the font size, and you can use it.

Monehy Note - Simple Household account book

Ease to use Household account book application "Money Note" keeps track of your income and expenses,also automaticallt generates financial report and calender.
You can easily manage your household finance!

Baseball Movie BaseballTube - NPB replays

God like baseball video updates everyday and collects over 10,000 baseball video including MLB! You can make own your baseball video playlist by adding on favourite!
This application is tailored for baseball lovers!

Golf Lessons - GolfTube

Golf Tube video updates everyday and collects over 10,000 golf video including best plays and golf lessons! This application is tailored for golf lovers!

Simple ToDo list

The simplestToDo application having only 1 tab.
Easy to input with one tap also, usable as reminder.
Give it a try!

Shopping ToDo list

"Shopping List" is the most minimalistic To Buy list application.To keep App as simple as possible,there’s no functions as categories and deadline setting. Create your To Buy List before you go!

Daily Cat Newspaper - Cat Blog&Cat Video App

This application collects more than 30 famous cat's blog post. And,You can access to over 2,000 cats videos and looking for foster parents posts. Top 10 free apps for Cat lovers! No borders for cat lovers!

Simple Diary - with Photo and Passcode

Simplest intuitive classic diary application! User friendly for long-term use by enabling to take backup without monthly subscription charge and account registration.

Weight management - weight management and track

Ease to use for anyone,the best weight control application. it records :weight,fat,musle,intake cal,breast,waist and thigh size. Analysis of your weight with graph.

Smart Diet

SmartDiet is simple diet support app, it records your weight only once a day and supports you to continue your weight loss!

Simple body temperature and ovulation day prediction

Recording your body temperature right away ,and there’s no unwanted articles and member registration.This App helps your physiology and pregnancy management!

Character Count Notepad

This application can keep track of number of characters.Even if you receive a call , memo will be automatically saved.

‎Simple pedometer

This is simple pedometer app,records burned calories, distance walked , travel time and number of steps. Keep track of your exercise with report all the time!

Company Information

Komorebi Inc.

CompanyKomorebi Inc.

AddressP.O 160-0022 5-11-30-3F, Shinjuku,

    Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Capital3 million yen

Est.July 1st, 2015

CEOKenichi Yajima

Komorebi Inc.